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About Us

THABO Khuboni
Chief Executive Officer

TK Marketing has been in direct, face to face sales industry since 2015 and attacks this industry through event based marketing. We pride ourselves with increasing the customer base of our clients in the Telecoms industry. In this era clients have more than enough options to use different forms of marketing and advertising i.e. TV, Radio, Print, Internet, etc… but through the test of time direct sales have proven to bring better results at much of a cost.

This form of marketing is also great from a customers perspective as it there is interaction between the representative (acting on behalf of the client) and the customer therefore giving the customer an option of asking questions so they can feel more comfortable in the product or service being offered and that also builds trust towards that product or service.Now our company not only prides itself in the service it provides for our clients but also the opportunity we offer to young individuals who are looking to build a career through the sales industry. We this through our management development program where we are looking to eventually groom our employees to the point of senior management and beyond.

With the high unemployment rate, we realize that our country is in a great lack of opportunity so that is why we are offering individuals a program that facilitates personal and corporate development.

Our Vision

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How We Work

Our customer acquisition service saves time, money and the headache of establishing your own sales team. TK Direct will not use any of the traditional forms you may have already spent thousands on. Instead our face-to-face approach will be used to acquire your customers. This will also provide you with measurable results, which can be analysed weekly, as opposed to quarterly, yearly, or even not at all. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals. You will guide us in developing an ideal customer profile, which will enable us to make appropriate suggestions for your campaign. Once we have established your needs, we get to work!

As stated above, we offer our clients a cost effective way of getting results, (results being the acquisition of new customers) through face to face interaction with potential customers. We pride ourselves in bringing our clients the best possible results as we ourselves have very high expectations and thus we have been so successful.

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